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What age does my child have to be to start taking dance class?

We accept students age 3 and older as of October 1st for the current dance year. We acknowledge that each child grows and matures much differently. In certain cases, children who are age 2 and potty-trained may be ready to start dance class. If you feel you may have a special circumstance, please contact Ms. Ursula.

Will my child perform in a show?

Yes! Each year we have a Spring Recital in June. This year’s recital will be held at the WSRE Jean & Paul Amos Performance Studio at Pensacola State College. Each class (with the exception of conditioning and Acro classes) learns and performs a dance in the show!

I don’t know in which class my daughter/son should enroll – how can I determine that?

Class Descriptions are provided on the ‘Classes’ page of our website. On the registration page you can also find additional information pertaining to each class including age requirements and pre-requisites. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact us by email at or by phone at (850) 512-9191. Additionally, we can arrange a trial class in the level you think is best. During the class, the instructor will be able to determine whether a change may be necessary.

What size are your classes?

Small class sizes are one way we differentiate ourself from other studios. Most Kids classes are limited to 8 students, while most upper level and specialty classes are limited to 12. Small class sizes allow each student to receive individual attention from instructors.

When do you accept registration? Can I start a class  in mid-season?

Our dance year follows the school calendar with classes starting in late August and ending in early June. We continue to accept students through February 1st or until classes reach capacity. We prorate tuition accordingly for dancers starting in the middle of a month. In February, we start to learn recital choreography. It’s important for dancers to have a certain level of skills for each class, so we do limit enrollment once our recital preparation has begun. In certain cases, we may be able to accept transfer students. If you are an experienced dancer transferring mid-season, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How do I pay my tuition?

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis the 1st of each month. We offer many convenient payment options including Auto-billing and Web Payments. If you would like to enroll in auto-pay, please see the front desk. Check, cash, and credit card payments are also accepted at the front desk.

Do you offer drop-in classes?

We do offer drop-in Ballet classes for Beginning-Advanced Levels. Please contact us for the drop-in schedule.

Do you have any male students?

We do have male students. We welcome male students in all classes and age groups.

What attire does my child need to wear to dance class?

Proper dance attire is required in order to participate in class.  Please see our                 page for more details.  

Where can I buy dance shoes and attire?

As a convenience to our students, we have an affordable dance supply boutique on site- Dancing UP.  We can take care of your needs for any shoes or dance attire needed for your classes, excluding Pointe shoes.  Dancers are not required to purchase dancewear from us. There is a dance supply store, Pirouettes, in downtown Pensacola.  Many major retailers such as Target and Academy have started to carry dance basics as well.

Do you have a competition team?

We do have a competitive and performance team called ECDC Motion Company. Auditions for Motion Company are held each summer. Competitive dancing requires an increased level of commitment from both the dancer and their family. For more information, please visit the Motion Company page.

Do I have to stay while my child is in class? Are parents allowed into the studio while classes are in session?

Parents are not required to stay while their children are in class and may drop-off and pick up. If you prefer to stay, you are welcome to wait in our lobby. Classrooms are generally closed, however we do have observation weeks periodically throughout the year when parents are invited to watch class. Notification is sent home with dancers prior to these weeks.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to email us at or call our office at (850) 512-9191.

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